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Family based eBay re-selling

How to eBay like a family

June 21st 2017 – We are a 6 person family located in Leavenworth, WA … a family of mainly girls. Smart, creative and active girls.

Like many parents, we did not want our wonderful girls falling into the trap of a stagnating childhood trapped in front of the tv and ipads. We imagined our girls being self sufficient, confident and knowing their place in the world. We didn’t think this was going to happen in front of the “boob-tube.”

So, we focused our attention on what they were doing when not watching TV or online. We noticed our girls were interested in photography & video. They loved to act, dance and film creative projects. They also loved meeting new people around the neighborhood, especially garage sales.

The Setting

We live on a largish piece of property located in Leavenworth, WA. Here we can build fairy houses, garden, find pill-bugs, run, dance, build an amazing life and share this adventure on YouTube. “Why do that?” you ask. We wanted to be connected with a group of like minded people doing the same thing. We also wanted to build our girls confidence and to slowly introduce them to the world of adult expectations.

The Business

Reselling: When we first moved into this area, we decided to get to know the neighbors. So we loaded up the mini-van on Saturday mornings and began to hit the garage sales. We found the girls really enjoyed this. They loved talking to people and making a deal. These smart little ladies quickly figured out how to get more out of their allowance by asking for a lower price. Additionally, we turned their love of photography and computer learning into eBay listings where they “invested” their allowance and grew it by 2 or 3 times. (Well, to be honest Dad & Mom actually do most of the listing, but we get them to help from time to time)

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